Preparing for Marriage

In today’s world, where social media thrives, a lot of people generally place lots of attention on the wedding ranging from pre-wedding shoots, to Instagram hashtags, makeup, photography, bridesmaids and groom men on fleek and all the “paparazzi”. While these in itself is not bad, just a few people prepare for the marriage itself. Yes, there is a distinction between the wedding and the marriage. Marriage is no child’s play therefore ample preparation is required to make the journey smoother and better. Here are some of the preparations you should make.


The right perception about Marriage. Build your life based on the scripture and not culture or tradition. If you follow God’s Word, you will get the full result that God promised. God never said you will have trouble in your marriage so don’t expect it. However, in 1Corithians 7:28, the bible says that you shall have trouble in your flesh. This means that if you are going to get married, it’s going to challenge you. You will need to adjust in so many ways to accommodate your spouse. For the man you must Love your wife like Christ loved the church: selfless, and for the woman you will need to submit to your husband, irrespective of who is smarter or richer. You need to be prepared for this shift that marriage brings. Don’t accept the lie that every marriage has problems. Make up your mind that you can have a good marriage.

  • Prepare emotionally

Marriage is more about giving than taking. So many people praying to be married are preparing to receive instead of giving. Think about what you can do for your spouse and not what your spouse can do for you. A lot of people have high expectations with low preparation. Nobody you marry will be your all in all. Don’t try to put man in the place of God. It is only God that can fulfill all your desires and can satisfy you all the time and in every way. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

  • Don’t be desperate

The moment you become desperate, you cannot get the best out of anything. Yes you might have waited for a while but the way you behave when a prospect shows up is very important. Desperation always shows. Be nice but don’t be cheap. Women especially find it difficult to draw the line. Carry yourself with dignity.

  • Grow Spiritually

Be prayerful. Know the Lord. This has nothing to do with church attendance but a personal and committed relationship to God. Understand the virtue of living right and pleasing God. Serve God with sincerity and genuineness. You might need to wait a while and be patient but God will connect you with someone also living right. Don’t give up or settle for less.

  • Prepare financially

The bible does not say that the man alone should provide. The original plan of God is for marriage to be a partnership; two people supporting each other. Any man who is not working should look for a job not a wife.

Your level of preparation will determine the kind of blessing you will get. Remember, you can have the marriage of your dreams…

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