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Every relationship will face one of life's storms as the couple voyage together but how they respond to the storms will determine whether their 'ship' will capsize or remain baptized under the Covenant oath they made at the altar.
How you cope with unpleasant circumstances - financial hardships, infidelity, illnesses, differences in perspective, loss of a child, challenging children with special needs, broken trust issues, in-law matters and so on - will determine whether your relationship will go from strength to strength or whether it will deteriorate further.
This breakout session will teach you how to survive relationship setbacks together and come out wiser as winners not whiners!
What goes on in the other room can affect positively what happens in the board room and every other room between a couple.
The right knowledge is the spice that every marriage needs for both parties to enjoy their sexual intimacy.
This breakout session will address your sex concerns such as sex after the babies come, pregnancy and postpartum sexuality, first time sex, sexual intimacy, evolving sexual needs, sex and age differences, fun ideas to enhance your sex life, sex and communication, sexuality and sexual difficulties, etc.
Numerous studies have shown that a couples’ satisfaction with their marriage takes a nosedive after the first child is born. The transition to parenthood causes profound changes in a marriage but should babies change the trajectory of your marriage? How do you handle intimacy even with the children? Does your passion for life end when the babies come? Is it a one-sided equation in the responsibility matrix after the babies come? How do you deal with this new season of joy and increased responsibilities?
Get answers to these questions and more in this breakout session as well as a mindset reset that will surely reduce the tension and frictions in marriage after the babies come.
As you begin to advance and grow in marriage, so will some of your needs change but this is the season many couples grow apart rather than grow together.
This breakout session will put in your hands the very bunch of keys to unlock the wisdom required for these seasons in your marriage.
No doubt, money is a vital tool to making any marriage work. We will be exploring new ways you and your spouse can handle the common money problems in an uncommon way.
This Breakout session will surely give you a paradigm shift from the traditional beliefs about how money should be handled in marriage.
Should women be financially independent? Learn about sharing financial responsibilities and generally having a financially happy marriage.

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