• Item is still in the original condition, with tags attached, unworn/unwashed, box or plastic wrap not opened, CD has not been played, ripped or downloaded
  • Item is not defective and is still in good condition (undamaged, in original, undamaged packaging). For defective item, please review our replacement policy.
  • Return request is made within 30 days of receiving items
  • Item needs to be exchanged with another size or items. Please review our exchange policy for more information.

To propose your return, please contact resources@lovedatingandmarriage.org providing proof for one or more of the criteria above (with photograph if applicable). If your return is approved, we ask that you would please post your return within 7 day, as we are subject to an administration fee with our third-party shipping company outside of this time.

Items can be returns for refunds. Please review our refunds.

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